Crusaders of Light

Supply Delivery Quest

From Crusaders of Light

This quest is just about getting goods to their destination.


  • 3 courier runs for a 'valuable' good
  • the reward will be decided by randomly chosing the value of the goods each time
  • the random level of the current cargo determines the minimal possible value for the following goods

Example: the first one rolls the most value, both consecutive goods will be max value as well


Depending on the rarity of the goods you deliver, you get a different amount of Gold and Silver.

The good you are chosen to deliver are random and you can't re-roll like you can for the Faction crystal quest.

You can also get random additional rewards like Gems.

Each time you courier, you can worst you can roll is what you rolled last time. So lets say my first roll was a Rare Good, then one my 2nd run the lowest I can roll is a Rare Good. Which means you chances of rolling a better good each run increases. You can get all normal goods, and you can get all "Golden" Goods.

  • Normal Goods
    • 132 Gold
    • 288000 Silver
  • Uncommon Goods
    • 166 Gold
    • 360000 Silver
  • Rare Goods
    • 174 Gold
    • 396000 Silver
  • Epic/Legendary Goods
    • 182 Gold
    • 412800 Silver
  • Ancient Goods
    • 190 Gold
    • 447200 Silver

up to 89,440 silver, depending on the good's value

up to 1000 (?) gold, depending on the good's value


If the dragon is sped up at least 2 times (hitting 'x2' is the easiest way), the player will receive an additional reward in form of food each time.