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Scar Plains

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Scar Plains is a demon/hell themed raid dungeon. It is also the first raid, that a player can join when beginning the game after reaching level 10. Ironically it is also quite similarly themed to the (currently) hardest team raid Burning Skyblaze Village.




One player will be targeted by that and needs to immediately circle the boss to not die in a few seconds. It somewhat looks like a laser imminating from the demon's hand. This is an incredidbly fast killing DoT ability.

Manaflame Rain

The demon will drop three(?) big red circles after one another. The more players are standing in those, the more damage the whole group will receive


Three minions will be summoned by the demon. If they won't be killed before the ability is fully charged, a huge AoE will be released. The resulting damae depends on how many minions were still alive to be sacrificed.