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Intro / Background

Raids in this game are instanced small adventures for 3 up to 40 players. Usually a raid is divided into two waves of normal monsters and two bosses with unique attacks and abilities.Next to having two difficulties each (normal and heroic), so far there are two different types of raids, which differentiate in party size and difficulty.


Normal raids have a party size from 3 to 5 players. There are four different raids available:

Scar Plains (Mininum level: 10)

Dire Galleon (Mininum level: 15)

Ancestral Altar (Mininum level: 25)

Goblint Camp (Mininum level: 30)


  • Each normal raid resets at 00:00 daily.
  • Heroic difficulty raids reset twice per week at 00:0 on Monday and Friday
  • Only one Heroic raid will be open at a time, they are rotated from week to week

Rewards & Limitations

It is important to have a look on the maximum number of raids that a player can complete before the 'cleared' state resets again.

For defeating a boss, each player receives a random equipment item with a rarity that can range from normal up to epic. There are some limitations, how many times rewards can be obtained by repeating the same raid as well as by the total number of cleared normal raids:

  • For the first 3 times of normal raids a day, the rewards (char XP, talent XP, and item rewards) can be collected normally as <6 raid monster rewards and 6 raid boss rewards>
  • After clearing 3 raids, you will not receive character xp, talent xp, or items. You will however receive Altruism Medals. Whenever you complete each part of the raid, the system will remind you that you are "brutally exhausted".
  • If the player exits a raid before finishing it, only the killed monsters and bosses will be counted towards the daily/weekly limit.

Team Raids

Team raids consist of 4 squads with up to 10 players each. This means the maximum player count is 40 for each team raid. There is only one leader for the whole team.

Fort Desolation (Minimum players: 25, mininum level: 20)

Ash Fort (Minimum players: 25, minimum level: 20)

Everlush Valley (Mininum players: 7, mininum level: 40)

Chimera (Mininum players: 7, mininum level: 40)

Burning Skyblaze Village (Mininum players: 7, mininum level: 45)


Once per week for team raid of Normal and Heroic Difficulty respectively, reset at 0:00 on every Friday.


The rewards for team rewards are comparable to the rewards of heroic normal raids. There are mostly epic and better drops as well as auctions for epic recipes, mount books and other rare items.

After first clearing a team raid, each consecutive attempt of the same raid will net less Altruism medals and NO other rewards (drops, auctions etc.), starting with 125 for the first boss, 115 for the second and so on(?).

Raid Difficulty Level

There are different raid difficulty levels relative to the player levels. This scales according to the average player level of the party. That mechanism is especially important in Heroic and Team Raids. The higher the average player level is, the higher the mob and boss levels will be.

The raid difficulty level is set at entering the instance and applies to every creature and boss!

So heroic Ancestral Altar boss Devoidra can have a level from 35 to 45, depending on the average player squad level.


A party entering Ancestral Altar (normal) containing a level 42 Ranger, level 37 Warrior, two level 43 Rangers and a level 43 Mystic will trigger a raid level of 41. The calculation seems to round down.


So to lower the raid difficutly, it is best to enter it with only minimum level players in the squad. Then add higher level players from inside the raid later.

Example: Heroic Ancestral Altar

If entered with only a squad of level 35 players, every mob and boss will be level 35 too. To help with the bosses, lvl 45 players can be invited one being inside.

Player numbers

[This number theory needs more data/info/proof]

Fort Desolation and maybe some (all?) 40 player team raids have different difficulties regarding the number of participating players as well. The lower one is up to 25 players, the hard one is 26 to 40.

Others say that there is no difference between 25 and 30 players attending.

Fury Mode

To prevent turtling tactics and healer spam, every raid boss in the game has a set timer of 5 minutes. After that timer reaches zero, the boss goes into Fury mode, which greatly enhances every attack and abilitiy it has by about 200(?)%.

That's why it is greatly advised to always bring enough DPS players to a raid.