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Here are a list of common terms and phrases used in Crusaders of Light by players.

  • CoL - Crusaders of Light
  • CR - Character Rating (you can view your character rating in the Equipment Menu)
  • 3111 - Term for doing the daily normal raids. First 3 runs of Goblint Camp, followed by 1 of each other raid
    • 31 or 3-1 or 311 or 3-1-1 - This is similar term but it means you only run the non-Goblint raids that you need for the Offerings to Ancient Gods daily.
  • Deso - A short hand term referring to the Team Raids - Fort Desolation
  • Ash - A short hand term referring to the Team Raid - Ash Fort
    • (sometimes people will say "Fort" but that should be avoided as it can easily be confused with Fort Desolation)
  • Sky 1/2/3/4 - A short hand term referring to Burning Skyblaze Village; the number means which boss they are on.