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Like most MMORPGs, gear is plays a very important role in CoL (Crusaders of Light).

The better the Equipment you have, the easier Raids become, the more difficult it is to be killed in PvP and finally the easier it is for you to kill other players.

Where to obtain gear

Gearing in Crusaders of Light is akin to most MMOs, equipment can be obtained via the following routes:

How to obtain gear

For players just starting out (below 30), the Main Quest provides reasonable gear that is capable of progressing.

Once Goblint Camp is unlocked at 30, players may need to start Raiding in order to keep up the upgrading of their gear.

High end gear (above 40) can be obtained via Heroic Mode raids or Team Raid or via the Reputation Shop.

It is advisable to start farming Reputation as early as possible to ensure the fastest access to desired equipment.

Set bonuses can considerably help the player in the DPS race and in PvP.

Legendary Equipment in game can be crafted by collecting the five Sacred Relics or with a very low chance by normal forging or dropped from normal raids.

The newly introduced Divine Equipment can sometimes be on par with legendary, they can be obtained from various sources like faction rewards.

Obtained equipment have randomly generated Grade , low grade gear is very common and high end (S and above) are quite rare to find.

Equipment can also gain certain bonuses by embedding gems.

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