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If you have find some issues with the game that are not optimal or things you would like to be changed feel free to add them here.

If you have new ideas for things that would be cool in this game, feel free to add them here.

Please provide as much details as possible so the developers can understand what you like or dislike. Or so then can envision your awesome new idea.

Issues / Enhancements

Summary Details Developed / Resolved
No Auto-Match pop-up upon raid completion When we finish the raid, people usually leave the team or squad.

Every time someone leaves, it prompts you to auto-match.

This can be REALLY annoying if people leave the 40 man squad in 1 second intervals and you're the leader.

Then for 40 seconds or longer you'll just stand there clicking decline, decline, decline, etc...

1)Don't show teams/squads on list of their raid is done.

2)And show status of raid (which phase or boss).

1) Linked to the suggestion above, if someone does say auto-match, and you're auto-matching for that raid, you could be invited to a complete raid.

Or, if you are auto-matching, but no one else is auto-matching, then you might apply to a team/squad.

If they do choose to accept you for whatever reason, you could just be invited to a completed raid and then have to leave an re-queue.

2) If we could see the status of a raid, that would be awesome.

It sometimes sucks that you join a team/squad and there already half way done with the raid so you miss the 1st group of monsters and 1st boss.

That means you would have to go back and do it.

Or, sometimes you weren't able to successfully finish the 2nd boss but there is a squad with a spot and they are on the 2nd boss that you could join.

It would be awesome to see that and then request to join that way so you don't have to do an entire run.

Especially for raids like Skyblaze which have 4 bosses and many groups can only do the first 3 bosses.

Stop the confront the wine thief during the Wine Expedition So this is one of nice repeating dailies that we can auto quest which is awesome, but with an annoying downside.

Warriors are able to auto-quest successfully, but because Rangers and Mystics attack at range, they fall behind and usually can't keep up with the thief.

So if you auto-quest this, and leave it there for too long as I have done a few times, you will get like 50 pop-ups saying that the chase failed.

Kind of annoying to close all of them and run back and forth.

It would be cool if you added a step that requires you to tap something like "Confront the thief" just before the chase.

So the game will wait for you to come back and then start the chase instead of running your character back and forth over and over again.

Sort should also auto stack items. Many times when i upgrade my runes or forge items, i'll be left with two small stack of ore or essence.

The only way to stack them is to move both stacks into my warehouse and then bring them back to my bag.

I wish the sort would just stack those small stacks for you as well.

New Ideas

Summary Details Alternative Ideas Developed / Resolved
Achievement or extra reward for completing dungeons solo or smaller groups So once you get very geared up its always fun to try and solo lower level dungeons like Scar or Dire.

But it would be awesome to have an achievement for them.

A way to actually have physical proof of your feat and documented way to show your bragging rights.

Same goes for Heroic raids or team raids.

Lets say instead of a 10-squad, you bring a Team of 5 into Heroic Goblint and successfully complete it.

It would be a cool achievement to have.