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If you find bugs, please report them here but try not to duplicate existing bugs already listed.

Please provide as much detail as to when / where / how it happened so the developers can reproduce and fix the issue.

Also feel free to add details to existing bugs because knowledge is power.


Bug Summary When/Where/How Bug Details Work Around Resolved?
Squad is "Full" We were full when we did a heroic Scar Plains.

Then people left and we where forming the squad for Heroic Goblint Camp.

We were half full when it kept telling me that squad is full even though we only had 6 players.

I could not Auto-Match, not could I accept people who requested to join.

I've only seen it happen when the squad was full for something, and then you were re-filling. Never noticed it for a team.

According to Red Panda, if you get this error, you can by pass it by manually inviting people to the squad.
Fall through Floor In Raids, around the map.

When you jump or get knocked back is usually when it happens.

When you log into game first time.

I was in Dire Galleon and I got knocked back by the 2nd boss and then fell through the floor.

I switched characters and I was standing by the Trial Quest guy, and then just magically fell through immediately after logging onto that character.

If you're in a Raid you're pretty much just stuck.

If you are on the map somewhere I recommend opening the Adventure tab and Guild Property or Arena.

Then try to navigate back to where you were before without jumping.