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Each player character is defined by its attributes and skills in the game. They can be checked through the CHAR menu. The Expanded button on the top right corner can be used for additional information.

QUESTION: Does anyone know any formulas to calculate the resulting effects on the skills???

  • thx to Kazee and Levelz for directly and indirectly providing some insight here!!!



HP (Hitpoints) is one of the most important attribute in the game, since it determines whether a character survives certain high level attacks and AoEs to be able to be healed back up after. If the HP is too low for certain boss attacks, there is no point in pursuing the fight until the player could upgrade the HP count. This can be done by:

  • Buying gems from the Trade menu -> Medal Store -> Gem Store
  • Getting better/different equipment
  • Leveling up
  • Raising Vitality by any means
  • Upgrading skills like Path level or using Runes to upgrade passive skills
  • Aquiring small HP bonuses by killing certain bestiary monsters during Guild Hunts


MP shows the maximum mana/magic points a character has to use active skills. MP can be upgraded by:

  • Buying gems from the Trade menu -> Medal Store -> Gem Store
  • Getting better equipment
  • Leveling up
  • Raising Spirit by any means


Main article: Stamina

Stamina is not combat related attribute, but used for harvesting Raw Materials for the Life Skill and looting Treasure Chests.


Experience shows how far the player is away from reaching the next character level.

It is also always visible at the very bottom of the screen via a purple line.


The six basic attributes are:


Strength is crucial for the Warrior's attack strength. It has NO effect on mystics and rangers.

1 Strength = 1 Physical Attack (P.ATK)


Vitality is directly connected to the maximum HP a character has.

1 Vitality = 15 HP


Agility is the main attack attribute for the Ranger. It has NO effect on mystics and warriors.

1 Agility = 1 Physical Attack (P.ATK)


Intelligence determines the Magical Attack of Mystics. It has NO effect on warriors and rangers.

1 Intelligence = 1 Magical Attack (M.ATK)


Spirit influences the maximum possible MP a character can have, as well as Physical and Magical Defense.

1 Spirit = 50 MP

1 Spirit = 1 Physical Defense

1 Spirit = 1 Magical Defense

Movement Speed

This is about how fast the character can move.



Physical Attack determines the damage value for Ranger and Warrior.


Critical determines the chance of landing critical hits for RanCrit Resisger and Warrior.


Defense determines the resistance against Physical Attacks and is naturally most important for Warrior.

Crit Resistance

Crittical Resistance determines the resistance against critical physical hits and is also very important for Warrior.

Hit Rating

Hit Rating determines the chance of landing missing attacks in PVE for Ranger and Warrior. At %100, attacks and skills no longer misses.


Piercing determines the value of ignoring target's armor for Ranger and Warrior.


Dodge determines the chance of dodging incoming attacks on your character.


Parry determines the chance of parrying incoming attacks on your characters.


Accuracy determines the chance of landing missing attacks in PVP. Higher accuracy % the less missing chance.


Spell Damage

Magical Attack determines the damage and healing value for Mystic.

Spell Crit

Spell Critical determines the chance of landing critical hits for Mystic.

Spell Defense

Spell defense determines the resistance against Magical Attacks.

Spell Penetration

Spell Crit Resist

Spell Critical Defense determines how much damage gets substracted from critical magical hits.

Spell Accuracy

Spell accuracy determines when your spells and attacks hit or miss lower the spell accuracy the higher the chance of missing therefore if you have 95% or more spell accuracy which you always have mostly means you will not miss


Evade determines the chance of evading incoming skill attacks on your character.

Spell Resist

This skill determinse the likelyhood of resisting certain elemental based (magical?) attacks like acid or fire attacks (?)

Spell Penetration

Spell penetration determines the value of ignoring target's armor for Mystic.


Under this category fall all the status changing effects - the resistance against them as well as the boost to land them successfully.

Dizzy Resist

Dizzy Boost

Slow Resist

Slow Boost

Immobilize Resist

Immobilize Boost

Freeze Resist

Freeze Boost

Vunerable Resist

Vunerable Boost

Knock Back Resist

Knock Back Boost

Crushing Resistance